Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sun, Sea Sand... And Sniffles. Editorial 3

For this editorial i wanted to do a piece which was fun and playful which showed some character because i had constrained myself to working in a pretty plain and boring way on the previous editorial. My initial idea was to have the illustration depict a man wearing two  outfits; one being work dress and the other half being a lairy middle aged mans idea of perfect holiday attire. The character was originally going to have multiple arms doing actions which reflected the suit, However after further work i felt the illustration didn't really fit the purpose of the article. After a few trips back to the drawing board i decided to create a character with a paracetamol pill for a head with a cocktail in hand. I do think the piece works well however when i have more time i would like to revisit it and refine the image slightly.
( 1-3 show back up work. 4 is the final piece in context)





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