Sunday, 21 October 2012

Why Small Victories Matter. Editorial 2




This article was much harder to illustrate than the previous one as the article had hardly any visual signafiers. The best way to get round this issue for me was to create a much more conceptual outcome, initially i  played around with the idea of toy soldiers fighting a small battle in a very ordinary environment such as on a table top, However i  decided to go with my other idea which was to simply use pieces from the game trivial pursuit. Each small victory - or wedge, ultimately builds up to winning the game.
Numbers 1-3 show my initial final outcome in a variety of different compositions, However the quality of the work is pretty poor so i decided to rework the image. The concept already required the reader to work out the relationship between the text and image so the pie and the pieces needed to look much more realistic and closer to the actual items rather than simple blocked in shapes.
For the final image ( number 4) i used acrylic paint and i think the medium best suites what i was trying to achieve. 

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