Sunday, 4 November 2012

Everything Stops For Giant Pockyyyyy

This was my original rough of how i intended the basic final image to appear, i wanted to stick pretty close to how the image had been given on the brief because i dint want to over complicate the image. this quick image was put together using photos i had taken, drawings of characters and Photoshop.

I then moved the image on to a primed wooden board using carbon paper.


Next i decided to add basic layers of first watercolour and then acrylic, my reasoning behind this was because i still felt unsure on the image and also wanted to have a guide line on the tones and colours i would later apply in my layers of oil paint. I used this process on the previous project (The Social Gathering) and i found it very helpful.

These two images show my next couple of layers of the painting, the image is starting to come together by image number 2.

After an extra layer of oil paint was applied i felt reasonably happy with the piece so i then added text and the pack shot using Photoshop. I based the text on old horror films and also typography used on album covers such as ' Cuts From The Crypt' by the band, The Misfits . I will be revisiting this project over the next few weeks to make minor adjustments.

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