Friday, 30 November 2012

Everything stops for GIANT POCKY. revisited

For this revisited piece i have repainted the scientist and Frankenstein monster characters, and also tidied up the text.The original finished piece was blurry and didnt look clean and was rather murky, however with this version i have tried to bring the piece together more by tightening it up and adding as much detail as possible. 

The Social Gathering revisited.

For the deadline i have repainted the punk character and also photographed the image better so more details can be seen. i think this is one of my more successful pieces because i took much more consideration about the relationships between each character within the scene. I left it to the viewer to make up there own story's about the piece. For example why is my character pulling an angry scrunched up face, why is the Sara Fanelli inspired character looking so shifty and have any of them clocked on, that the Antony Micallef character has too many cards or if the punk is attempting to cheat.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Workspace

While i was sorting my portfolio for mondays show and tell,  my room was in a reasonably tidy state so i have photographed it too show my work space and a few personal pieces ive done over the years... : D

Editorials revisited part 2

The final two editorials needed a bit more work done to them, the madness of crowds piece originally had a very similar concept to the revisited version however it also included a padlock on the cage, the lock was unnecessary and took attention away from the cards and chips. I repainted the piece using a similar style because i wanted to still have a consistent theme/style running throughout my 'editorial set'. In the piece i also added more detail to the cards and chips as the original piece was rather blurred and not detailed enough.
And finally on the ' how to write a book in 30 days' piece i kept the original typewriter image but made the paper come fly out the typewriter. This makes the image much less static and is now more interesting to look at.

Editorials revisited part 1

In this batch of revisited editorials each piece only needed minor tweaking, each one has only had alterations with photoshop, except the sun sea sand and sniffles piece in which i repainted the ice pack that tablet business man is holding on his head. Although the changes are subtle i think they have improved the pieces and am pleased to say they are complete.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

How To Write A Book In 30 Days. Editorial 5

For this 5th and final editorial i struggled initially with ideas especially as we had been given an example of how the same article had been illustrated previously because many of my ideas stuck very closely to the example given to us with the brief; with only slight difference such as work men hanging of a book face or chiseling the text onto a book. Because of this i decided to look down a different route and research past Booker prize winners such as Aravind Adiga and his book 'The White Tiger' hoping to find something in the text which i could use in the artwork i needed to produce, however after a day or two of sketching i felt the image was becoming far to complicated and was becoming very loosely based on the article itself so i went back to my initial sketches and picked a simple idea of a line drawn typewriter with interesting textures and the text 'how to write a book in 30 days'.

Everything Stops For Giant Pockyyyyy

This was my original rough of how i intended the basic final image to appear, i wanted to stick pretty close to how the image had been given on the brief because i dint want to over complicate the image. this quick image was put together using photos i had taken, drawings of characters and Photoshop.

I then moved the image on to a primed wooden board using carbon paper.


Next i decided to add basic layers of first watercolour and then acrylic, my reasoning behind this was because i still felt unsure on the image and also wanted to have a guide line on the tones and colours i would later apply in my layers of oil paint. I used this process on the previous project (The Social Gathering) and i found it very helpful.

These two images show my next couple of layers of the painting, the image is starting to come together by image number 2.

After an extra layer of oil paint was applied i felt reasonably happy with the piece so i then added text and the pack shot using Photoshop. I based the text on old horror films and also typography used on album covers such as ' Cuts From The Crypt' by the band, The Misfits . I will be revisiting this project over the next few weeks to make minor adjustments.

Madness Of Crowds. Editorial 4

This image was based on a paragraph in the text which said "...families sauntered past the blackjack tables as they might stroll past the enclosures in a petting zoo". originally i had drawn up the image to have a parent dragging a child away from a cage with a gambler in it; however this was too much of a scene and not really what was needed for an editorial image. After discussing the image with tutors and my art director it was decided to just have a couple of cards and playing chips in a locked cell. I used acrylic paint to try and keep my theme consistent with the previous two editorial projects.